8 Different Types Of Coffee That You Need To Know!

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So, Hi guys, it’s been quite a long since I post something for you all. But I am here with a new topic that I hope you will surely like. In this blog post, I am going to tell you about the different types of coffee, a beverage that most of us can’t live without.

I mean who doesn’t like coffee. Everyone does! duh!. If I talk about myself, I am a person who needs at least 3 cups of coffee in a day. We all know that in our daily lives, we need extra energy to perform the tasks and feel fresh every time, In this way coffee helps us a lot as it contains caffeine.

So, here are some types of coffee that you would love to try and make at your home:-

  1. Americano
  2. Cappucinno
  3. Black
  4. Latte
  5. Affogato
  6. Mocha
  7. Irish
  8. Macchiato

Ahh! my mouth is watering right now! So, without wasting any time, let’s dive into the blog and get to know about every type and know how you can simply make them.


Caffe Americano is one of the most favorite coffee drinks among people in the whole World. It originated in World War II when American G.I.s in Italy diluted espresso with hot water to approximate the coffee they were accustomed to. This coffee is often drinks when one feels low and needs some energy to do things. In India, the ratio of people drinking Caffe americano is increasing day by day.

To make an Americano, you just need coffee beans, grind them in the coffee machine, make the expresso out of it, and then mix one part of expresso with two parts of hot water. Your Hot Americano is perfectly ready to serve. But make sure you use the coffee beans of good quality otherwise your coffee won’t taste intense and good.


Cappuccino is the most common coffee drink that people drink all over the world. When it comes to Indians, it is the foremost beverage in every function. Without this, stalls look incomplete. It was originated in Italy in the late 17th century. We can both have a cold cappuccino or the hot one. Both are good in their own taste.

To prepare a cappuccino, You need to blend the coffee beans, get the expresso out of it, and then mix one part of expresso with 2 parts of steamed milk with 4 parts of the foam. Your cappuccino is ready to serve. And if you want to make a cold cappuccino, then instead of steamed milk, use iced milk.

Also, in the market, we get different brands of readymade cappuccino coffees so make sure you select the good ones that will taste real and better.

3. Black Coffee

Black coffee is well known for detox. It is rich in antioxidants which can fight cell damage and reduce your risk of serious health conditions like cancer and heart disease. It also gives us energy and stamina to our body to perform various tasks. People usually drink black coffee in the mornings or evenings.

Making black coffee is really simple. You just have to mix the ground coffee beans with water and you are ready to go with your drink.

4. Latte

The term “Latte” means steamed milk and coffee together according to Late English. This drink is also originated in Italy. As of now, you all will think that every coffee is originated in Italy that is just because Italy was the hub of coffees in the late World Wartime. Latte is for the ones who don’t take much sugar. So, this is a good drink for diabetic patients.

To prepare Latte, you just need to mix one part of expresso with 3 parts of steamed milk and your awesome latte is ready to drink.


If you are a fan of desserts, then you would love this beverage as it is a dessert-beverage hybrid. It is mostly taken after lunch or dinner as a sweet dish and many people loved this and eat this daily after meals. But the question that arises is how you will make this or why people eat this so frequently.

People eat this on a daily basis as it contains the correct amount of caffeine and also added ice cream which we know everyone loves! so this is the perfect combo of both things.

It is very simple to make, you just have to take hot espresso in a cup, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and you are good to go with your affogato coffee. And I must insist you try this as I know you are going to love this, my friends.


Mocha is a hot beverage prepared with steamed milk, espresso and the main ingredient that is chocolate. It is known specially for iths chocolate flavour though available in many flavours too. It can also be related as hot chocolate or milk chocolate just added with espresso. This beverage is also good when you want to feel relax and need to sleep.

Due to steamed milk and chocolate your mind feels relax and you will get proper rest and maintain a good sleep cycle.

So, to prepare mocha coffee, you just need to add espresso to steamed milk with espresso and you will get your drink ready within some minutes. And it tastes just like warm milk chocolate. Whipped cream is optional if one wants to add or not. When you to restaurants to have this drink, they especially give you in glass not in a coffee cup.


Irish coffee contains whiskey in it as it was a tradition long time ago to serve the honour with whiskey in their particular drink. It is good for people who worked in double shifts and have a busy life schedule as buzz keeps them alive and in a happy mood.

To prepare this drink, you first need some espresso mixed with brown sugar and then add irish whiskey to it. You are good to go with your drink. After than you can decorate it with whipped cream as it will taste more good this way.


It is a drink just made with steamed milk and espresso. It is quite similar to mocha but not exactly same. It has its own unique taste. But in mocha we get a chocolate flavor. You can also say it is just the original version of mocha coffee.

You just need to mix espresso with steamed milk and you will get your macchito ready! Enjoy.

So these were the types I know from my side. If you want to add somethings, you can directly write in the comment box and give your reviews.

Thankyou !!

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