Career Options After Class 10th

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There’s a huge confusion in the the mind of students when it comes to selecting what to opt after 10th. Well, that’s a pretty normal thing because 70% of the students don’t know about their passions and some only grab courses in which they are least interested due to parental pressure or because of their friends and due to many more other reasons.

Choosing the right career is the most crucial decision in one’s life, nd people have many career options ahead so it should not be the result of other’s thoughts. You should consider all the possibilities and then try to figure out in which field you want to see yourself after few years or in which field you want to be recognized.

When I was about to pass my 10th, I was way too confused about choosing a particular stream. I asked my seniors, friends but it didn’t work that well, I was not sure about that again. Then I googled and found some options and then I was able to decide what to opt as a career option.

And through this article, I am going to give you some tips about selecting stream and here are some options that you can choose as per your interests after passing your tenth grade:-

  • Science
  • Commerce
  • Humanities/ Arts
  • Polytechnic courses/ diplomas


Science is the most favorite career option for parents and students as well. It offers many career options such as engineering, medical and research roles.

The biggest advantage of taking science is that after completing your 12th, you can shift to commerce or to arts too. And also science provides you many more career options ahead.

The main subjects in science are Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Mathematics.

But there are many students who don’t like Mathematics, but if you want to pursue a career in medicine you can skip Maths and opt for other subjects.


Commerce is most chosen option after Science among students. If you are fascinated by numbers, economics, GDP, finances and so on, then commerce is for you, my friend.

After passing 12th with commerce, you can apply in bank exams too and further you can also approach for CA along with your degree.

The main subjects in Commerce are:- Business studies, Economics, Accountancy.


If you want to try something really different and exciting, then go for Humanities. It is a stream that provides you exposure in almost every field. You can choose subjects as per your interests here.

Humanities has come up in the past few years as field of study. The subjects offered here are:- English, History, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Fashion Studies, Hindi or Sanskrit.

This also provides huge knowledge about cultures and traditions, geographical studies, psychology and so on. You can even try for tourism, journalism, law, designing etc. ahead.


After class 10th, you can go for polytechnic courses like Mechanical, Civil, Chemical, Computer, Automobile Engineering.

Different colleges offer diploma courses for 3 years, 2 years and 1 year. Chances of getting jobs within a short time duration are the advantages of diploma courses after 10th.

You can continue for degree after completing theses courses or you can also try for a startup here.

So, these were the options that you can choose after your class X. For any query, you can write down in the comment section. Hope this helps 🙂

All the best everyone !

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