How To Become A Topper In Studies?

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Every student wants to become a topper in his/her respective class or field, but we also know there’s only one topper in the class. So how I can be the topper in my class? How can I get non-stop A’s in class? How can I be the smartest student in class? these questions might come to your mind. But don’t worry, here you’ll get the answer to your every question or query.

A topper is just a Normal student who has mastered certain skills with regular practice.

I also had these questions when I was struggling in High school, and then I consulted my teachers and tutors about this, with the help of their answers and mantras I was able to score highest in my class. Since then, I have been using those tricks and following that routine which is helping me a lot more not only in studies but also in real life too.

Here are some points that you can follow in order to study smartly and to get good grades. Our main motive is not to become a topper only, but to understand the concepts and deep meaning of the topics. So, Let’s get started with the points:-


The main key point to be noted here is discipline. Becoming a topper is not an easy task in the first place, but that can be achieved if you are disciplined and totally committed to your plans. Following a proper routine can make your way through it. Always pay attention in class while the teacher is teaching and after school, you should spend some time with self-studies. Avoid spending free time chilling around or gossiping with friends. Try to invest that time in your studies so that you can give proper time to that. And by this way, you can have the concepts clear in your mind and thus you can score well.

2.Avoid Distractions

We all get distracted many times a day, isn’t it? While studying, you must not have gadgets with you. When you’re studying, you should have all the study material, books, pens, pencils, and especially a water bottle along with you so to keep yourself hydrated. So that whenever you feel sleepy, you have some water, it also helps to stimulate our brain muscles and keep our brain active.

The next thing is to avoid listening to music while studying. It doesn’t help to grab things quickly. It only keeps our brain in a relaxed mode. We feel low and enjoy the music instead of studying. So this needs to be avoided.


We all know that everything when done in a consistent manner gives us results. Solving mock papers regularly and practicing previous year’s question papers give toppers an extra edge. It not only helps gives you the real exam feel but also helps you analyze the areas in which you lag and where you need to do more practice. Further, exams follow a specific paper pattern. Following this habit will thus help you improve your speed and accuracy.

Solving 2-3 sample papers per week of a subject can help you a lot more in understanding concepts and getting good grades in finals.

4. Work Smart, Not Hard

Working hard is not the solution to getting the highest marks, but with that, you need to do Smart work. You can’t read 5-7 books on a single subject in order to understand all the concepts, but similarly, you should follow a single book completely and you can score good grades through that! because study quality matters not quantity.

Reading and revising from limited sources is much more beneficial than reading from a  multitude of sources because it will help you build a solid foundational base. And reading from a lot more sources kills time too. So, avoid that.


This is a quite difficult task to do. Many students fail to prioritize their studies over other stuff. There’s a lack of concentration among students due to this reason. They don’t understand the need of prioritizing their necessities and when they face examinations, they got in trouble and so try to use shortcuts and hence they get a downfall in their studies.

So, in order to score well, you should give your studies the topmost priority from the very first day.

6. Good Health

We all know that “A healthy mind recites in a healthy body”, so in order to study well, you should pay attention to your health too. Eat healthily, stay fit, do exercise twice a day, go jogging, and try to do physical activities more.

Avoid eating junk food as it releases toxins in our body which are bad for our health. Eating junk food has become a trend these days, but you should avoid that in order to live healthily and so you can maximize your concentration power.

7. Avoid Last Minute Preparations

Another thing you need to follow to become a topper is that you should always avoid last moment preparations for an exam. Plan ahead, create a study schedule at least a month or two before, and start covering topics in terms of how difficult or easy you find them. If you decide that you will study a day or even a week before the exam, you will end up procrastinating more and more and will not get ahead with your exam preparations in any way!

Remember, studying is a habit built over time. You need to devote at least an hour every day to each subject and work on topics that you think are complex and with time, you will end up conquering them!

8. Believe That You Can!

Always make your belief system strong. This helps you not only with your studies but also helps you in day-to-day life. When your belief system is strong, you are halfway there! The thing is when you decide something, your brain sends signals to us that we should go and get this thing done. So, in this way our belief system works.

Try to stay positive in every situation. If you fail in something, learn from that mistake, rather think I can’t do this anymore. A topper is not a person that is born in a day. It requires continuous efforts for that. So, believe that you can and then you will.

9. Give Regular Tests

This thing will help you a lot more in increasing your scores, Solving previous year’s questions will get you to know that what type of questions come in the exam and how you can solve them with a perfect presentation. And also this will boost up your confidence level.

 It not only helps gives you the real exam feel but also helps you analyze the areas in which you lag. Further, exams follow a specific paper pattern.

So, These were the hacks from my side. Hope this helps you!

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