Mesh Topology | Uses, Advantages, Disadvantages

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In a mesh topology, two devices are connected with each other with a dedicated point-to-point link. In this topology, devices can send and receive the network at the same time.

If there are n number of devices within the network, then each device must be connected with (n-1) devices of the network.

The formula for getting the links for mesh topology is n(n-1)/2.

This topology can also be used in wireless mode.

In this topology, devices are made to transfer and receive data in between them.

Advantages Of Mesh Topology

  1. If there is any fault even in a single device, that is easily diagnosed.
  2. Data is reliable because they have point to point link.
  3. High security.
  4. Privacy is maintained.
  5. If a device fails, nothing happens to the whole network.

Disadvantages Of Mesh Topology

  1. This forms a complex network as the number of cables increases.
  2. Cost of maintaince is high.
  3. Installation is difficult within Mesh topology.
  4. Configuration is also difficult.
  5. It is a less desirable network.

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